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Connect Cardiff 

Internet service provider for business


Fast, reliable and affordable connectivity across Wales and the UK - from ASDL to fibre optic lines.



Your internet has to be reliable and suitable for your needs

Business broadband loss can mean costly downtime and reduced employee productivity. 

Ensuring your bandwidth can cope with what your staff do without delay is important too. You also want the ability to increase the bandwidth if you need it without high penalties.

We are a business Internet Service Provider (ISP) only and do not offer connects to residential customers. Therefore, we can offer strong SLA's and a great service that is tailored to your business needs. That's one of the many benefits of using a Metro Ethernet

We can offer high speed internet connections from 2Mb to 1Gb  and the option to have 'burstable' links so you can ensure full use of your bandwidth when you need it. And should your business need more, we'll just supply it without the need for engineer visits or more installation costs.

You don't want highly contended links that slow your productivity

High ratios showing several users on the same line are not what you've paid for!

As standard, we provide completely contention-free internet services. This is mainly due to our large network in the Cardiff area but also because we think you should receive what you've asked for.

You want great service and support but without high pricing

You want to get on line and stay that way. Being able to speak to someone is important but does the price tag really justify it?

Our technical team based in Cardiff Bay know the system inside out and, as we own our own local infrastructure, we don't have high costs from other providers to pass on so it's all just part of our service.

You want an ISP that understands all of your IT needs

If it's not just connectivity you're looking for, but VoIP and IT support too then look no further.

Connect Cardiff is part of the Tewdric PLC group that can offer fully managed IT services, web hosting, IT support and  hosted VoIP. Click here for more details

As soon as you sign up with Connect Cardiff, we'll manage your move from your existing provider and maintain your connection. You connect to the network with a standard Ethernet interface so there's no need for you to buy expensive equipment and we can manage any security devices for you too.

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